Hello! We are WebZerHosting!

Here at WebZerhosting we have been in the hosting industry for over 20 years now.

With our expertise and experience, we are sure we can bring you a professional and reliable approach. Our web hosting platforms use high quality Dell servers and our cloud solutions are powered by OnAPP and cPanel. The environment uses the latest OnAPP virtualisation software to support your cPanel hosting services.

Your data is stored on our SSD-powered Storage Area Network (SAN) with a 10Gbe connection. You’re no longer reliant on a physical machine on which your webhosting or VPS runs and it makes our network and storage a lot quicker.

The onAPP cloud hosting controller makes sure that all our hosting services are monitored day and night and when failure is detected of any critical hardware, it starts automatically moving your hosting to spare hardware.

Everything will happen seamlessly and you won’t even notice it. Our technicians would then simply replace the failed hardware with no impact on your web hosting, email services or VPS. By using this technology we are able to ensure you a 99.99% availability.
From our research we have noticed that web hosting servers are mostly under used. In test situations in our data centres we found that most times 75% of the hardware is not used at all. This is a big waste of money and energy! We have used this to our advantage and by utilising the backend storage and frontend servers better, we can cut hardware costs enormously and pass that saving on to you!

This also makes everything more energy efficient and at no cost to performance. Your webhosting package always has the power it needs with unrivalled performance. You never will find your cloud hosting too low on resources.

Speak to us today for your web hosting or web server needs!

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