We can only register gov.uk domain names if the website is hosted on our server. This means you also need to purchase a webhosting package or WordPress webhosting from us. (opens a new window)

Jisc is the entity responsible for the administration of all gov.uk domains but any decision made on a domain name application will be made by the government naming committee.

The target turnaround time for requests is five working days from JANET(UK)’s receipt of the form. Within approximately five working days a message will be sent to the submitter of the form advising as to whether the domain name has been accepted or rejected by the Naming Committee.

Click here to see if you are eligibility and conditions of use of a .gov.uk domain (opens a new window)

Naming conventions and notes on valid domains (opens a new window)

The cost for a .gov.uk domain name is £150 EX.VAT for 2 years. Renewals are £75 EX.VAT a year.
Before we submit your request to JISC we send you an invoice. Once payment is received we will process your request.


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The name of the project, initiative or organisation for which the domain name is being registered.

Contact details for organisation using the domain

Public registrant contact

This information will be published in the public Whois. By doing so, you and your customer agree to GDPR requirements. The details can be the same as above or generic details, such as hostmaster / IT manager / clerk.

By submitting this form, you give your consent to have the above contact information published in the WHOIS database.

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