Registering a domain name is easy, in the following steps we guide you through the process.

When we are browsing the internet, we can find anything we look for with search engines like Google. Google will show us many web sites with the content we searched for and from there we can just click them and go to the website.

To be able to show a website or your own website you need a domain name attached to the website or webhosting space. Domain names come in many forms and consist of 3 parts.

http or https: This is the part that tells your web browser you are looking for a website. The “s” behind https means you will visit a secure website, but that is for another blog.

www: stands for World Wide Web.

The second part is the actual domain name you want to register for example: howtoregisteradomainname

The last part is the domain suffix. For domain names in the uk you would always want to register a domain name. For worldwide usage we generally would register .com .net or .org.

Now we know what a domain consists of we can get a clear picture how our new domain name would look. For example,

When you register a domain name we never supply the http or www part with the registration company, I will show you below how to register the domain name.


Step 1.

Visit our website

Step 2.

Type your domain name in the search box without the extension and select the extension behind it and click on Search.

Step 3.
Once we done “Search” we will be redirected to the order system and can begin to order the domain name. There are many domain names already taken so our system has to check if the name you want is still available. It will also tell you if the domain name is taken or not. If a domain name is taken it will show as not available and you will have to find a new one to check.

Make sure you checked “i’m not a robot” and hit Search.

Success! The domain name we want is still free! We can now proceed to the next step by simply clicking the “Add to Cart” followed by “Checkout”

Step 4.

On the checkout screen we have a couple of options.

No Hosting! Click to Add: If you want to attach a webhosting package on your domain for your website. Domain names can not show any content without a webhosting package!

Legal type: Select here if we are a business or for personal use

Company number: Your registered company number

Registrant name: Your name

Whois Opt-out: Anyone can see who the registrant the domain name is. If you would like to hide that part, you can tick the whois opt-out. Keep in mind for some domain extensions this will bring extra cost.

Nameservers: These are already selected for you and are our nameservers. Nameservers are needed to point your domain name to the webhosting or you can fill in your own nameservers if you have a webhosting somewhere else. Please keep in mind that if you want to host your domain on a webhosting you have to order that also.

Click on “Continue”

Step 5.

Make sure you spelled your domain name correctly and check the billing cycle. If everything is fine than hit “Checkout” and fill in your details.

Make sure to provide a strong password and select the payment method.
Click “Complete Order” and finalize payment.

Congratulations! Your domain name is ordered and will be registrerd automatically. You will receive confirmation emails from your purchase.

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