You are happy with your WordPress website. The website looks amazing, it’s running fast and everyone tells you how they like using your site.

BUT What about the security of your website?

There are a lot of things that can be done to secure your website to protect it with some simple measures.

Encryption with SSL certificates
Using SSL certificates will encrypt your data. This means that only the viewer can access the information and he only can see the data that is provided between him and your webserver.

By using SSL certificates you assure visitors of your website that even if their data is captured it cannot be accessed.

Stay up to date with updates
It’s extremely important that WordPress, plugins and your theme are up to date. Every day there new vulnerabilities found and hackers will know those also and will try to take advantage of them.

If you are on our managed WordPress hosting there is no need for you to worry as we will make sure your site is up to date as soon as a new versions is available.


Use complex passwords
This may seem a normal thing but there still many users that are using passwords that are not acceptable and hacked within hours even. Choose a password that is not easy to guess and not related

to your name, family name, birthdays etc. Always make sure you use at least 8 characters, some capital letters, numbers and a special characters. All our webhosting’s and WordPress sites have

a strong password recommendation.

Use the sFTP protocol when sending files
Whenever you do need to upload files it’s best to use the file manager supplied in your webhosting control panel (cPanel) or use the sFTP protocol when you are using ftp.

The S before FTP simple means secure. sFTP connections are connecting on a secure port and all data between you and the webserver will be encrypted.


Secure your WordPress
Once of the best plugins for WordPress is WordFence. WordFence will scan your WordPress on regular intervals and also has a firewall function that will stop any malicious attempts to access your website.


Our network is supplied with DDoS protection to help mitigate unwanted traffic spikes and to protect your webiste.

If you need help securing your website please contact us today.


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